Range of FSC Services

With our collaborative and integrated approach to all projects and transactions, clients benefit from our expertise in valuation, transaction services, M&A and debt advisory. We use our experience of the marketplace to deliver a successful solution, no matter how complex the deal.

Valuation Services

Business Valuation provides information to assist with investor strategizing and further planning. It is the basic tool that helps in taking a financially informed decision about the financial prospects of the venture. Valuation of Business, as well as Brand, is carefully studied from qualitative and quantitative considerations to arrive at True Value of your Enterprise.

FSC team advises on Business Valuation services in India, which help Startups and Entrepreneurs understand quantum of business stake to dilute or sell, to gain the required amount of capital investment. These business valuation services also help the prospective investors to evaluate the targeted Startups and SMEs.

Business Valuation is also carried out from the perspective of Income Tax Act, 1961 and Companies Act, 2013. Also valuation of brand & fixed asset is done in case of M&A. In case of foreign investors, the valuation of shares need to adhere to the principle of arm's length from Foreign Exchange. Al

  • Valuation of Fixed Assets
  • Valuation of Brands
  • Valuation of Business

Transaction Services (TS)

Our team can support you in the analysis and assessment of available information in order for you to make an informed decision and create the best value from a transaction. Our due diligence expertise (financial, commercial and operational) is complemented by industry and functional experts.

Our team assists in:

  • Acquisition (buy side) due diligence: providing insights on the key issues and risks associated with a potential target business or asset
  • Vendor due diligence: giving vendors greater control over the sale process
  • Vendor assistance services: preparing a business for sale and optimizing certainty over price through the sale process
  • Commercial due diligence: assessing target’s positioning within its commercial environment
  • Operational due diligence: reviewing the operational aspects of a company in the context of mergers and acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

FSC Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) specialists have the insight and experience to advise corporate and private equity investors through each stage of the Mergers & Acquisitions process. We help clients develop appropriate growth strategies based on their goals, so they will be prepared to capitalize on opportunities during the merger, acquisition, or divestiture process. From strategy to integration or divestiture, we recommend established strategies and solutions to help provide the confidence and support clients need to achieve their unique growth objectives.

Our team assists in:

  • Acquisitions of companies and businesses
  • Sale of companies or businesses: mandated sales/controlled auctions
  • Raising finance (equity and debt) for acquisitions
  • Distressed M&A: buying or selling companies in financial distress
  • Private equity advisory
  • Management Buy-Out (MBO) | Management Buy-In (MBI)

Debt Advisory

The team works closely with CFOs and Group Treasurers of public and private companies, providing them with independent advice on all aspects of debt financing. The team also provides world-class execution resource.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of existing debt arrangements and recommendations on how to reduce cost and improve flexibility of debt (cost of financing)
  • Preparation of investment documentation to inform, attract and facilitate discussions with potential new lenders (banks, private equity, SNCI)
  • Assessment of available grants & subsidies (LU, EU)
  • Design of financial model and assessment of current credit situation including tax optimization
  • Evaluation of proposals from lenders and assistance during negotiations
  • Assessment of personal guaranties required by banks
  • Access to international financing sources via Deloitte global network and assistance in structuring and arranging highly customized financial solutions


There are host of approvals, registrations and filings that are required when new businesses are set up. Indian exchange control regulations have significantly liberalized. However, they still have certain restrictions and compliance requirements on transactions and setup of business. The Indian financial institutions have a very conservative approach in lending to the business, either for working capital or for the long term. The businesses, therefore, require competent consultants to assist them with all required registrations.

Our services include:

  • Partnership Agreement & Registration
  • PAN & TAN Registration
  • GST Registration
  • PT/PF/ESIC Registration
  • Shops & Establishment Registration
  • Assistance in setting up Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Unit
  • Import Export Code (IEC)
  • Trade License Registration
  • Food License Registration (FSSAI)
  • MSME / NSIC Certification
  • NBFC Registration
  • Trademark / Patents / Copyright

Due Diligence

With increasing frauds in the business world, forensic reviews play an important role in monitoring and responding to potential risks. With access to forensic technology, we employ creative thinking and intelligent software to come up with future trends, analytics and actionable intelligence. We also support organizations in identifying the root cause, impact and perpetrators of fraud.

  • Fraud Investigation and Forensic Audits
  • Peer Review Certifications

Payroll Processing

We have a cloud based payroll outsourcing tool for payroll processing. By outsourcing Payroll function, Company are free from the hassle of labour law management, PF/ESIC Compliances, Payroll processing, handling queries of employees, effective tax planning, etc.

We provide following services:

  • Processing of monthly payroll
  • Issue of Payslips
  • TDS Management
  • PF, ESIC & Other Taxes Management
  • Tax projections of employees
  • Handling of employee queries
  • Full and Final Settlement